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Meadowsweet leaf damage for ID, please

Observed: 14th September 2013 By: Thistle
Meadowsweet leaf damage for ID, please
Meadowsweet leaf damage for ID, please

I'm in no doubt that this is Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) but what I'm interested in here are the red areas of damage. Fungal or insect? I don't know hence "other organism" for the moment. Can anyone suggest what has caused them, please?


No identification made yet.

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Doesn't appear to be damage

Doesn't appear to be damage from a rust infection.

If the patches are slightly proud of the leaf surface then the causer of the gall may be a type of mite.


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Ian, you'll have forgotten this post! I'm here because I trawl history sometimes and I am about to post Dasineura ulmaria.
If dopes not look like Dasineura ulmaria - And, looking at the underside it seems it might be a miner - try
If it's a rust (and it does not look like it to me) then obviously fungal-induced. Either way I think you should change the group, perhaps to Invertebrate and then you might generate more interest - only MIGHT!

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It really didn't look like a gall or a mine to me so I wondered about a virus, hence the "Other organisms" tag.


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Ageing process?

I am seeing this fierce reddening here too. But I suspect it is a normal dieback process. The galls (I mentioned) all turn reddish towards their end so it might be a compound within the leaf chemistry that does this with age,
I might collect some leaves and 'do' a post.
My Dasineura ulmaria (note the redness)