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Possible Lady Fern

Observed: 2nd November 2013 By: Norwich NaturalistNorwich Naturalist’s reputation in PlantsNorwich Naturalist’s reputation in PlantsNorwich Naturalist’s reputation in Plants

In damp woodland

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This is confirmed as lady fern ...

... by the comma shaped (C-shaped, J-shaped - both exact shape and description vary) sori.

I assume that you could distinguish it from bracken in the field, as the habits of the two species are dissimilar, but it's not so easy to tell parts of fronds, as photographed here, of the two species apart.

My thumbnail description is lady fern: the shape of male fern (fronds narrowing to the base, and with relatively short stipes), and the dissection of buckler fern.

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Yes there wasn't any Bracken present, just this species and Broad Buckler Fern.