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Odd barkfly-like insect

Observed: 16th September 2013 By: Steve_VSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in Invertebrates

Stumped on this one. After id'ing almost all my barkfly pics I thought this would be easy but no. Wing venation very close to barkfly but for the odd semi-circular vein at the lower distal end. Very elongate too, with the wrong shaped head and very long back legs. Can't see this is a bug nymph because wings fully developed. Help! About 3-4mm body length.

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It always amazes me that posts like this attract so few agreements. My grandson, who is 7, would tick I agree here (though Indet. Aphid takes some explaining!).
And why don't even more insectolgists come and give us some good advice Alan?
I understand that the group is difficult and that a better ID may be impossible but..where has the iSpot ethic gone?
So Steve. maybe you can learn something from this
I did..

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Maybe people don't have time

Maybe people don't have time to open up lots of page and add their agreement. There may be some I could add my agreement to but don't bother because, frankly, there's a limit to how active I can be on all these forums. I only open pictures of certain groups and, even with spiders (my main interest), I don't add my agreement if 2 or 3 people have already done so. Just a thought.

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Thanks Alan, I understand that of course - I've been here just long enough. But the whole ethic is to help IDs and encourage engagement with Nature. You have been here, you've given it a go and done your best.
If it was a very poor picture of a Dunnock then it would have a long comment trail and 12 agreements - you'll get my point!
iSpot is supported by good Naturalists and a lot of specialists. There are hundreds of quite fair posts which receive NO agreements and no engagement.

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More insect activity would be good...

Yes, I agree that a few more active insect spotters would be good. There are really only a handful who look at anything but butterflies and moths. Often they are very helpful. but the coverage of some areas e.g. flies, Hymenoptera is very sparse. Not an easy subject though, as I'm discovering....

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bulls and sycamores!

Right Steve, you've taken the bull by the horns (and grabbed a sycamore!). I can't agree just yet (away from home) but I hope to give you some suport soon.
Ceratinly the general shape and wing pattern is right but the red eyes and brown thorax here isn't as evident as I would like; but the ones shown on that site don't look right eaither!
We need better photos of these little green creatures - check mine here