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Observed: 13th October 2013 By: ss543
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ID required please

Found these critters under the dust jacket of a book - would be interested to know what they are. Thanks in anticipation.

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Maybe they... in hobbit burrows :-)

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dual posting

Sorry, Chris - simultaneous posting again. :o)

The common name you've got threw me for a minute, but of course that's a generic term - it's "a larder beetle" rather than THE Larder Beetle. Apparently larders really aren't in this one's normal home range...

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Megatoma undata

What I originally thought to be a Dermestes larva, found in my insect collection (see link below), turned out to be Megatoma undata. It obviously does occur indoors, whenever it can, but it one of the 'stored product' species found more regularly outside.

Richard Jones

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Interesting, Richard - I certainly haven't ever seen it during pest management work, so it clearly isn't common indoors, and is Notable B outdoors - in other words, if you're going to get a dermestid infestation, one might as well make it a rarity. :oD

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I am glad my observation turned out to be a rare & interesting one (and hopefully a one-off in this house). Thank you all for your expertise and feedback. Sarah