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Black slug

Observed: 21st April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Invertebratesjeltje’s reputation in Invertebratesjeltje’s reputation in Invertebrates
All black slug

Black terrestrial slug about 6cm long.Large and bulky with long, coarse tubercles on the side and back. Breathing hole on right side of mantle.Seen on a forestry road on first stretch of the Kintyre Way Walk.

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Hi jeltje...

Yes some of these larger slugs can be problematic to get a positive id from, especially from photos. I can't be 100% but yours will probably be Arion ater?

Not all of these slugs will need to be dissected, there may be a few characteristics shown on various specimens that will allow you an id without dissection.

You may be interested in the new up and coming book that should be hitting the shelves keep an eye for it. :)

By Ben Rowson, James Turner,
Roy Anderson & Bill Symondson

Regards Chris...

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Thanks for the additional info and book notification Chris

I have only been to the UK twice (2 weeks in 2011 and 10 days in 2013),but I'll check out the slug book if I come on holiday in the future.