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Observed: 23rd October 2013 By: Douglas
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I'm interested in the lepidopterous leaf mines but need to work out the tree first!

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Salix Caprea

From the leaf shape and height I'd say it's most likely S.caprea. How tall is the tree?
It can vary in form so can be tall and thin.
The image of the bark has a quality of S.caprea but I'd expect that look on thinner branches and a more "trellised" look on the main trunk (based on my limited experience).
In the first image there is a trunk showing in the bottom left corner, is that the same kind of tree?

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Thanks for looking.

No, I think the trunk showing the other image is of a nearby, different tree.

The tree is very tall. I'm no good at estimating lengths but it's just as tall as mature Scots Pine and Aspen growing nearby.

Probably 20-30ft.

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I think Salix Caprea is the only one of the more rounded leaved willows that will grow that tall.