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2013-10-31 003 [ crow with white feathers]

Observed: 31st October 2013 By: davidgilbertdavidgilbert’s reputation in Birds
2013-10-31 003

a pair of crows with distinctive similar white markings. very distinctive in flight

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crows with white feathers

could someone identify this bird for me ? many thanks

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White feathers

Hello David

as far as I understand it this is indeed a Carrion Crow and the white feathers is something called leucsim. I think it's something to do with a lack of melanin in feathers.


Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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I agree with scarpermac. Ive

I agree with scarpermac. Ive seen blackbirds with the same markings. Quite commonn.