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Observed: 18th October 2013 By: JasonNewtonJasonNewton’s reputation in BirdsJasonNewton’s reputation in Birds
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The bird on the right is a

The bird on the right is a fledgling and presumably the partly obscured bird on the left is the parent. The chick looks shrike-like to me although it has yet to develop the hooked tip to the upper mandible.
The parent is too much hidden from view for me to feel confident about venturing an ID but someone more familiar with the birds of Swaziland may be able to.

Jonathan Wallace

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thanks Jonathan. This was the

thanks Jonathan. This was the only picture I got, and at the time the fledgling was begging from the parent. I've checked the Sasol guide and I couldn't get close. The beak is shrike-like but neither bird looked big enough to be a shrike. The other complicating factor is that in both cases the wing feathers are slightly spread, so that white patch might not be as triangular as it appears.