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Observed: 23rd August 2013 By: devenish

Two or three clumps of this bright orange coral or staghorn - like fungus were on the woodland floor. The woods are mixed but with large number of mature Beech in this area.


No identification made yet.

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Not sure with this one but

Not sure with this one but looks like Ramariaceae. Could be Ramaria formosa or R.aurea - both not common. Beech suggests not Calocera viscosa Yellow Stag's Horn as usually with conifers.

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Any chance you could get a

Any chance you could get a better picture as this looks rather interesting. Do you think it might be growing on a leaf or other object rather than comint up out of the ground

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I have just visited the site,

I have just visited the site, but, as expected, I was unable to find any further examples - the original photos were taken in August (and I do not have a clear memory of whether the samples were growing from the ground or from other material). I have added 2 other photos taken of the original sighting, but I have limited confidence they will be any more help.
Many thanks for your interest.