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Unidentified fish

Observed: 10th April 2013 By: Dani

My friend James has been keeping a particular type of fish for the last 6 months. He found them in a large pond/small lake in France which had been frozen the week before he began fishing there. He brought the fish back to the UK. They are very hardy fish and will not eat anything except for live or frozen food. They have 1 dorsel fin like a sicklied. These fish are quite aggressive and for some reason attack other fish by eating their eyes. Enquiries have been made as to what type of fish they might be at pet shops and a Marine Biologist but nobody seems to have seen them before or know what breed they are. Can anyone identifiy the fish in the attached photo?


No identification made yet.

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Location details are wrong

This location is offshore from West Africa.
If you put in the correct location there is more chance that someone who can identify the fish will find your observation.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
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