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Bladder wrack

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: darwincentre
The Darwin Centre
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Bladder wrack 1
Bladder wrack 2
Bladder wrack 3
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Shore Wracks

Good posts of the 5 common shore wracks all in a series. Excellent for reference.


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some in one

I agree, but these'll get separated in time.
I'd favour them in ONE post.
Not an easy 'agreement-quest' but so useful to beginners. I might get on the case!
Tried with Whelk here http://www.ispotnature.org/node/378603
and Snails here

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A wrack post

I was thinking the same thing as dj. A single post of '5 shore wracks' with one picture of each and a 6th picture of the index with the names clearly shown in same position as photos, and with a short descn, would be an excellent place to which refer people when they post one of these common brown seaweeds without, or with a mistaken, ID.