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Boat fungi

Observed: 30th October 2013 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
30 Oct 13 (10)
30 Oct 13 (4)

The floor of a fishng boat was taken out in order to be replaced. A lot of fungi inc. this one, were growing within the wooden structure of the boat underneath the floor where no light could get to at all, complete darkness.


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This one ,

This one might be the pale oyster mushroom, pleurotus pulmonarius, though I have never found an oyster mushroom so have yet to study them in depth, hope the id is useful. Search it on the ispot search and see if any look similar.


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I looked a few other

I looked a few other Pleurotus in the carousel Ben, I definitely see a good resemblence. I'm very inexperienced with fungi but there is a strructure/shape and colour similarity for sure. Thanks. I know iSpot isnt for identifying edible mushrooms but I'll ask all the same- oyster mushrooms or at least some of them are of the edible variety aren't they?


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Found on a boat........... they had to be oysters :)

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Thanks for the ID Ben, I'll

Thanks for the ID Ben, I'll have a look as you suggest.