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Field ID Guide for a novice

Can any of you mycologists/fungi fanatics recommend a starter book/guide for field ID?
I'm never going to be too good at these as many look v similar to me, but practise makes perfect...!



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I'm not an expert but I use

I'm not an expert but I use Roger Phillips 'Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe' as a starting point. Very good photos but Scientific names sometimes not upto date. Very good is Collins 'Complete Guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools' more upto date naming and covers more species.
Fungi are not easy to identify and as you go forward you will need more specialised books for different Genera! Geffory Kibby has recently published several books, including British Boletes (and allied Genera), which seem to be quite good.
Don't worry if you can't identify every specimen - even the Mycologists fail with quite a few in the field!!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Mark is obviously a man after

Mark is obviously a man after my own heart! I agree with his literary recommendations and only wish to add that, if you havent already done so Nev, joining your local Fungus Group will bring you on in leaps and bounds.
Once an expert has identified a species you have found and pointed out WHY it is WHAT it is, you can then go away and DIY with a lot more confidence.
Plus you meet some great new people (of diverse expertise) and have a nice walk/day out!

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Thanks for both your helps.

Thanks for both your helps. I've opted for the Collins guide as a starter, but as no doubt you see from my guesses (yes that's what they are), it's slow going. I think I've got candle snuff sorted! :-)....but ink caps....and anything else seem light years away. Maybe I'll stick to birds!!