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Observed: 30th October 2013 By: ajm
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Looks too dark on the back

Looks too dark on the back for a normal Herring Gull but the legs look the flesh colour for that that gull. Do they cross breed with Lesser Black Backs who have yellow legs? However I do remember seeing an ID here some time ago that suggested a similar bird was a Herring Gull subspecies peculiar to the Baltic Sea. Could this be one and the same.

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Thanks for comments, Peter. I'm afraid I have some difficulty with even basic gull species ID, especially trying to take into account the variations due to juveniles at their various development stages. The possibility of cross breeds and Baltic varieties are definitely way beyond my knowledge level.
This particular location is less than a mile from an enormous landfill tip which serves the City of Glasgow. As you can imagine, the area is a gull magnet. Over the past couple of years a Glaucous and Iceland gull have been reported around here, so anything is possible.
I think, however, I have to accept the ID by ophrys of a young Lesser Black-backed.