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Observed: 19th October 2013 By: JRCoomes
Jenny Coomes1

No identification made yet.

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Splendid photo

Can't help with the ID but just praising you for capturing a lovely setting!

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That's very kind of you.

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It is a good photo indeed -

But to identify fungi, you need a shot of the gills/pores, stem, and notes about odour, stickiness, latex production, discolouration, and surrounding trees.
Two possible types spring to mind here - the Brittlegills (Russula sp) or the Mik-Caps (Lactarius), but these are very tentative guesses from me.

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Ah ok.

I haven't got any other photos so it shall have to remain unidentified!
Thankyou for your help. I'll remember that next time I photograph fungi

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Without further details -

I would make a guess that it is of the Russula persuasion, rather than a Milk Cap (or something else). They are difficult even with the details above , the enthusiasts use some chemical tests to identify the more recherche ones.
Have a look at Rogers Mushrooms, you could try the easy or visual keys to see if anything looks familiar: