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Gossamer 1
Gossamer 2

The grass was covered in gossamer. With the sun shining on it, it stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea which type of spider was responsible and no doubt, if I had looked in the grass, I would have found them. Maybe someone could tell me which spiders were most likely to have created this.

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One of natures spectaculars

This is a spectacular sight when the sun is in the right direction, I was out cycling several years ago and passed a meadow such as this, it fair stopped me in my tracks. No idea what spiddy did this but I've often found a little 'Money Spider' in these situations. Spiderlings release a parachute of silk on the breeze to help them disperse, perhaps they are linked?


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Great British Year

The recent series of four BBC programmes called The Great British Year showed Gossamer and suggested that the culprit was the diminutive Money Spider. However, having just done an Internet search, the term "money spider" apparently covers ~250 UK species of v. small spider.

Very atmospheric picture, by the way. ;-)