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Need help identifying

Observed: 28th October 2013 By: Vicki Sawyer
Unknown tree

25 foot tree. Came down in the wind last night. I am wondering what type of tree this is.

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The leaves look -

Like the ones on ivy when it is flowering - they're a different shape from the "everyday" ones.
I could well be wrong, though!

Updated - I was wrong. Never heard of this one, looks quite attractive, though.

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Thankyou all for the info. I

Thankyou all for the info. I now know what it was. It is a shame it got blown down in the winds, however it won't go to waste, the smaller bits will be mulched and composted, the medium and odd shaped bit for the wood fire, and any suitable other bits are to be stored to season so I can use it on my lathe or try carving with it.
Thankyoui again