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Observed: 25th October 2013 By: Antheams
Autumn berries image
Plant in October

This is probably a garden escapee. It is growing at the top of a bank above a stream and multiplying each year. The flowers are pinkish white umbels and sweetly scented in the summer and now there are these black berries. I have asked lots of people what it might be with no success. It is now standing about five feet high

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Doesn't look right for elder ...

... (in which the fruits are usually somewhat pendent) but I can't work out what it is. But from these photographs I'm not even certain whether the leaves are simple or compound.

Could we have some more description - for example is it herbaceous or shrubby.

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I too am pretty sure it is

I too am pretty sure it is not elder as the flowers smell more like verbena or a daphne - very sweet and reminded me of the scent of a field of beans in flower. Nothing like the smell of elderflower. I shall try and find a picture taken in the summer. It is not a bush and the top growth dies down in the winter so herbaceous. Each stem goes down to the ground and some reach a height of nearly six feet.

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Sambucus ebulus ...

... is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial, which matches your plant. I've never seen that species, so I don't know what scent it has.

Stace says it grows to 150cm, so the 120 I quoted above must have been from another book. Stace also says that the leaves have (5-)7-11 leaflets (usually 5 in Sambucus nigra) and conspicuous ovate to narrowly ovate stipules.