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Violet Ground Beetle

Observed: 30th May 2010 By: anonymous spotter
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Possibly a female (by mandible size) - please see comment below

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Reading up about this beast -

I found a rather badly-written but detailed account on the web. It said (amongst other things) that although there is sexual dimorphism - the males have bigger mandibles - they reproduce asexually, both "sexes" laying an egg. Can anyone confirm this?
Also - think there is more than one UK species, so latin name may not be correct!

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I have never heard of males laying eggs!

I have never heard of males laying eggs! Asexual species (common in plants but rather rare in animals) tend to lack males altogether.

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The method I use to tell the sexes apart is that the males have noticeably broader front tarsi than the females, but I can't see the tarsi in your photo. I hadn't heard of the mandible size being a clue to the sex.

I was also not aware of Carabus beetles reproducing asexually, and my web searching has been inconclusive - a few papers do seem to hint at asexual reproduction being an adaption of some Carabus species in the northern parts of their range, but I haven't yet found anything that gives a clear explanation. As Jonathan says, it won't be males laying eggs, but instead female-only populations that can lay fertile eggs without mating. Will see what else I can find out on this.

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Thanks -

for the comments above.