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Unidentified caterpillar

Observed: 27th October 2013 By: AmoebaAmoeba’s reputation in InvertebratesAmoeba’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Disturbed inadvertently in a garage. A very hairy caterpillar. It was clearly spinning a cocoon prior to pupating. Has anyone any tips on helping it survive?
Length, around 20mm.

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Hi Amoeba, Ive had Large

Hi Amoeba,

Ive had Large White Butterflies and Ruby Tiger moths choose my garage as a pupation site and they have survived fine to adult. Ive heard before that it doesnt do pupating moths any harm to give them a light spray of water from time to time if reasring in captivity. To be honest though I am not experienced in captive rearing. It might be best to leave nature to take its course.