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Saying 'thank you'...

...seems to be so difficult for too many people! I've made plenty of positive IDs of unknown subjects, but the amount of people that bother to add a comment of 'thanks' afterwards is pretty poor. Perhaps there should be a mention in the guidelines that it's good manners to thank those who help with ID?



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I'd agree, there often seems

I'd agree, there often seems to be a lack of thanks (or any response at all) for IDs etc.
As various people give quite a bit of time to helping users (often on OU courses) with unknown or mis-identified species a bit of appreciation wouldn't go amiss!

Needless to say this by no means applies to all users!

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Thanks for the comment! We

Thanks for the comment! We have discussed having a 'thank you' button that people can click to encourage a show of appreciation. Not sure how easy it would be to program this, but we will look into it.

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Thank yous? - not needed.

TBH, as someone who has made a fair number of ID's or "Agreements", I'm not that concerned about a "Thank you" being attached to each thing I do. It is sometimes hard enough keeping up with the influx of Observations and any comments or changes added to Observations, and many observations are "agreed" with by large numbers of people.

I would say leave "thank yous" to forum based sites like WAB where it is more of a social site than I-Spot, I-Spot is more of an identification aid / teaching site, so the way things work are a bit different I would say. If you do add it, can you make it so it can be excluded from the list of "changes" on "My Spot".

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Agree - not needed

I'm with Matt on this one. At the moment, it's a reasonable assumption that anyone who takes the time to post an observation, particularly with a photo, is reasonably interested and would be grateful for an ID. I just take it as read that people appreciate any time and effort put into giving IDs. I am just an 'ordinary' user of iSpot though and don't feel obliged to spend hours every day checking things. Perhaps it's different for the (invited?) experts, although I assume they benefit more from the site to compensate for their additional input.

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I always try to leave a thank

I always try to leave a thank you when someone's helped me with an identification because I think it's impolite not to.

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Likewise -

it's only polite, as Moongirl01 points out. A simple button would do the trick for me.
I understand why other feel it's unnecessary, but iSpot is - as it should be - a broad church, and you need to cater for all.

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A 'thank you' button or

A 'thank you' button or something like that is under consideration, but there are some other improvements coming that take precedence and will add important functions to the site. Look out for those in the next few months.

Meanwhile, saying 'thank you' via comments is encouraged!

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