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Observed: 18th October 2013 By: andrew

No identification made yet.

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might be butter cap.

might be butter cap.

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butter cap,

Sorry I have no idea how other to do this than this way, I have loaded up a fungi that has been identified as a butter cap though all the other fungi in the strip of photo's look different, its by my self and three or four photo's in the strip. If you have time to cast an eye over it I would much appreciate it, sorry for hijacking this post.


Ben (not very good with technology)

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If its the observation i am

If its the observation i am htinking of then its got an id of cortinarius now but its still showing up in carosel as its initial id was butter cap. The way the carosels operate may change but this is how they operate at the moment, you don't need to worry about the correct ID though.

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Many thanks, I was starting to worry that it had been slotted into the wrong carousel, also lernt what that is called ;)