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Boggy pasture flower

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I'm not convinced it is a

I'm not convinced it is a dandelion. The seeds are much more loosely arranged on a smaller head than a dandelion, and the stem is not as hollow. I an't find a photo of the stalk and leaf which would have helped; sorry. I wonder if it's a cats ear?

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It is difficult to see what the stem of the seed heads is from the pictures. Certainly looks like Taraxacum, but other pictures might help, if you have any.


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Seed head does look...

... "fluffier" than a dandelion seed head, which tend to be very much spherical on the outer edge, if you see what I mean - long stalks, less fluff, more sharply defined outline.

Cats ears seed heads have this more tufty appearance: shorter stalks, more fluff.

Or, it could be a dandelion that has been wet.

Impossible to say without more photos!

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
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I agree with...

the ID of probably Cats Ear, it seems smaller and looser than what I would expect from a Dandelion.


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I think the right-hand seed head shows the scales which are a characteristic of Hypochaeris radicata.