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Fungus on Oak

Observed: 26th October 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and LichensAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and LichensAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Cap varying from concave to conical, reddish-brown throughout, but gills slightly paler. Mushroom odour. Stipe long, slender, concolorous with cap but with greyer, slightly scaly base. Growing at about 1m level on English Oak. Possible an Inocybe?
Sorry for the picture quality - poor light and autofocus-only camera.


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Burgundy Bonnet

Thanks, Fenwickfield. I think you are probably right: it certainly looks the part.I did not observe any latex when bruised, but that might be due to age (of the specimen, not me!)
It may simply not have read the textbooks that say "habitat on deciduous tree stumps". The oak was quite old and not in the best of condition, though still leafing.