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Observed: 22nd October 2013 By: RyanWrightRyanWright’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

spungy, white, small soft hairs on it,


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might be,

Might be this, though the top seems rather smooth, it is usually covered in small white pyramidal warts, more dense at the top of the head.

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I wonder,

If it might be pedicel puffball (Lycoperdon caudatum) but these as rare as hens teeth and on the red list according to my book. Someone with more expertise than me will look at your photo, and probably say that its something completely different, any idea of size? Any more photo's?


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Thanks for the help! i have

Thanks for the help! i have got a couple of pictures of some smaller ones that were around them if thats any help? and also they were about 15cm tall