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Unusual Bug

Observed: 5th May 2010 By: Tony TownerTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in InvertebratesTony Towner’s reputation in Invertebrates

I can't decide what this insect is! The short wings seem to make it some sort of Damsel Bug or Seed Bug. Has anyone any ideas please?

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Adult bug attached

I have attached another photo of a bug that was found near the same location as the nymph. Could this adult species be Harpocura thoracica? Maybe the nymph is also this species as it looks reddish brown and was found near Oak trees.


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Harpo marks....... (sorry, couldn't resist it)

I think you're on to something there Tony.
Wing-case, thorax and black rear leg markings on the adults compare well. As does Antennae segments 1&2 for size.
I've used the following link for comparison:

The nymphs here also have a darker shade on the rear leg tops, and there's reference to Oak habitat. The nymphs look generally lighter in colour but I suspect that one is a female nymph and that flash may have been employed.
If an expert can confirm, i'd be delighted to agree with a revised identification.

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Tony, do you want to add Harpocera thoracica as an identification and we'll agree with it? The distinctive swellings on the antennae can just be seen in your photo of an adult male.

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ID revised and agreed

I've agreed the revised ID.
Can you follow suit Martin / Matt ?