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Hedge Bindweed

Observed: 23rd October 2013 By: codfishcodfish’s reputation in Plantscodfish’s reputation in Plantscodfish’s reputation in Plants
Hedge Bindweed

Trailing plant Pale matte gree nleaves arranged spirally.Trumpet shaped white flowers 4cm in diamater

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Did you mean ...

to specify the subspecies, or is iSpot playing tricks again?

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Can't agree...

...with the subspecies, no evidence for it. Agree it is C. silvatica.

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The shape of the bracteoles fits this subspecies, not the other where they would be fatter and shorter.


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Experience counts! I was going by the description in Stace, where the apex of the bracteole in ssp disjuncta is said to be obtuse. The bracteole on the lower bud looks quite pointed, while the higher one is fairly flat, but I could use my imagination to see an angle!
Must look more closely next time I meet C. silvatica.