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Plethora of ladybirds

Observed: 24th October 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in InvertebratesAmadan’s reputation in Invertebrates

After very few sightings all summer, there were over 50 seen on the timbers of the new Trundle Mere Lookout (Great Fen project) and on Birch trees wherever they were in full sun.
I think they are all Harlequins, of different forms, reported to UK Ladybirds as such.

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ID comment

Hi, are you adding an ID, so we can agree with you ?

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What you have here are,

What you have here are, 4; H. axyridis f. succinea, 1 variations of the form spectabilis. Your 6th pic not too sure about, with no size to compare with it may be a Pine Ladybird.

The black ones tend not to have the 'M'/'W' on the pronotum, which is indicative of Harlequin, but they generally still have the red pattern on the underside of the abdomen; red at the edge sometimes horseshoe shaped with a band across the centre (side to side).


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Wasn't sure - especially about the 2 black ones. The brown legs seemed to rule out Pine Ladybird. There were some sallows around, though, which are apparently suitable habitat for that species. They were all moving too fast to be able to put a scale down near them for sizing.

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Yes you are correct over #6,

Yes you are correct over #6, I missed the brown legs.