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Fungus, Loch an Eilein

Observed: 24th October 2013 By: tmk_hunt

Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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It looks like one of the milkcaps ( Lactarius ) but more information is needed, eg a section through would be useful.

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Sapron Milk Cap

Yes, and I suspect it is Lactarius deliciosus. but as Margaret implies it needs further views to be safer.
Nice picture Tom but get underneath if you can, break off a piece, watch for 'signs' like bleeding or colouring. Always try to write some descriptive notes.
And see my mirror trick here
All your posts are good with excellent photos - particularly this one
More please!

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Already said

I had already mentioned this when adding the id in the notes.


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Oh, you did Sheila, sorry. I was trying to help Tom get a better response and give him even more advice - he's only a 'week old'.

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No problem I have tried to mention this to ispot but with no joy.I thought it would be good if a tag came up explaining what key features are needed for identification as this would help new poster's. I know they have a brief description when you click on groups but it doesn't exactly jump out at you

Cap size if greasy,dry,scaly,slimy
Gills how are they attached to the stem (photo)needed if they run down the stem (decurrent) if they are not attached to the stem (free).
Stem and base as some have a woolly base
Cross section cut through the cap and stem as some change colour and it also show's flesh colour.
Smell some have distinctive smells and some produce a milk which is coloured or can change colour over an hour or so
Habitat soil acid or alkaline boggy,sandy,clay ect and if found on grassland or woods and what type of tree if possible.
I hope this help's and sorry I was not more thorough but did not realise it was a new ispotter

Best wishes and happy hunting



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Good advice on info needed

Good advice on info needed for fungi id's! I wish iSpot would take this on board! I see so many posts that have too little info/photos to try to id! Also requests 'is this edible?' I usually point out iSpot warning!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know