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Observed: 24th October 2013 By: stmichaels

This spider was also found outside the entrance to school, it is very similiar to the other one I posted, however this one is black and not red, could it be the same family? I have been noticing more and more of them!

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Call it a false widow, and

Call it a false widow, and you will get a couple of days unexpected holiday.

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False widow spiders.

False Widows (Steatoda nobilis) have probably been in Lyme Regis for decades if not a century.
Suddenly everybody is noticing this non-aggressive fly-remover.

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I'd bet..

..its closer to the century than a couple of decades.

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Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for your comments! There are a few different tpyes of these outside my office, I think because they have been in the news recently, we have started to become a bit more aware of them!