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Spotted Seals

Observed: 24th April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Mammalsjeltje’s reputation in Mammalsjeltje’s reputation in Mammals
coy seal
v-shaped nostrils
banana-ing seals
relaxing in the shallows
one seal very dark,the other very light

Spotted seals with lighter underparts.Some have dark spots on light background,others light on dark.Heads rounded,showing a definate curve between brow and nose when seen in profile. Nostrils V-shaped. Exhibiting the banana pose typical of Common seals.Not sure of last 2 photos,these seals seem to have flatter profiles from forehead to nose (maybe Grey seals?)

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Both species of seal

You have both species here - for example the first photo is a grey seal, and the second is a common seal. Mixed groups are not uncommon. If you add another ID of grey seal I'll agree with that too.

Gill Sinclair
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Thanks Gill !

I did have a sneaky suspicion that it may be a mixed bunch but I thought that at least I had the first photo correctly identified as a Common seal (v-shaped nostrils,mottled as opposed to blotchy,rounded puppy-dog face) Definitely more practice needed on my part! Photo 4:Is it a Grey seal doing the banana pose ?