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Pine tree

Observed: 22nd October 2013 By: jlcelis

Its a conifer, non native to Chile, used in urban parks, probably belong to the family Podocarpaceae or Taxaceae

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This species is included in the family Taxodiaceae.

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according to the Catalogue of Life this is not Taxodiaceae but Cupressaceae.
If some "I agrees" with my ID, making it a "Likely ID" then the Taxonomic Links will show up in the right hand column

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your explanation, Tony! As you can see, that was one of my first commentaries in iSpot, when I still didn't know how to add an identification properly.

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not yours

look at the taxi rank (sorry a ZA nickname for the Taxonomic links) and it is ?outdated?

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Hi, Tony, I can see that the

Hi, Tony,

I can see that the "taxi rank" has already been updated according to the Catalogue of Life.