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Group of hornless deer

Observed: 25th April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Mammalsjeltje’s reputation in Mammalsjeltje’s reputation in Mammals
plain brown hornless deer
white patch around the tail
deer with ear tags

Large plain brown deer with necks lighter coloured than body.Rump colour varies from beige to white,light area not edged with black.Tails short,without black stripe.All animals seen were hornless,but maybe they were all females or the males had shed their antlers.These obviously belong to somebody as they have ear tags.

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Sika deer possibility

Thanks for pointing out the white versus buff rump colour Pirayaguara.

I had another look at the photos and the rump colour varies from off-white to dark beige.I checked Sika photos:they have bright white rumps edged with black,and a thin black line running down the tail.These deer all have plain beige tails.Also no hint of spots,darker dorsal stripe or prominent white gland on hind leg - all found in Sika deer.I also think Sika have a more delicate build and narrower head.

As Red deer and Sika can crossbreed the above deer may be hybrids,as these occur commonly in Scotland.