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Bog plant 2

Observed: 25th April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Plantsjeltje’s reputation in Plantsjeltje’s reputation in Plants
green moss

Taller growing green moss in damp hilly area.The ground looked dry and solid and walkable due to the dried grasslike plants,but it was actually quite soggy.

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Yes,this looks more likely !

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Mark

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Yes definitely this genus but there isn't really enough detail to get it to species. In this sort of habitat it is probably P. commune - it looks a bit big and has no hair points to make it P. piliferum or P. juniperinum - but there is also the possibility of the interesting P. strictum. Have a look to see if the margins of the leaf wrap over the upperside and if the stem, expecially in its lower part, is covered with a whiteish "fur".

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Polytrichum details

Unfortunately this photo was taken long before I joined iSpot,so I never thought of taking close-ups or studying the plant in greater detail.So I cannot say whether it has wrapped leaves or fur on the stem.Checked out these species on Google,and I never suspected that such an inconspicuous little plant could be so interesting.Thanks for the info!