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Observed: 18th October 2013 By: stmichaels

This spider was found at the entrance of our school. It appears to have a skull shape on its back. Does anybody know what type of spider it is?

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Media hype

To be sure about it's identity, this would need to be examined under a microscope.

Don't believe everything you hear about the Noble False Widow. See these links for some balanced facts about it:

Rich Burkmar

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Thanks for these links. Very useful and informative. The probable Steatoda bipunctata that currently lives in my bathroom can remain undisturbed for a while longer. Of course, I may change my mind if it rushes out from its current hiding place, leaps upon and bites my exposed, bare feet and my leg subsequently falls off.

But I am puzzled. One of our national dailies did devote its front page to the invasion of "flesh-eating spiders". I am sure they wouldn't distort the truth, just to sell newspapers. Surely not!


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Steatoda nobilis

Every year there are more than a dozen of these spiders in my sheds and garden. They are not aggressive and I am quite happy for them to walk over my bare arm. Of course I would expect them to bite if I attacked them. My wife is careful when she removes them from the house but she likes them too.

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Thank you for your comments

Thank you for your comments and identifications. I think they have come into notice as they have been on the news a lot recently, they've probably been around the office windows for a while! I've been noticing more and more of them, all slightly different, I will look at those websites