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Ladybird 'gang'

Observed: 22nd October 2013 By: Kipper01
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I have noticed this bunch of ladybirds in the corner of the bedroom ceiling. I wondered if they are mating, or just there for warmth. Does anybody have any ideas? They are mainly black in colour if that makes any difference. Thank you

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Ladybirds (several species, anyway) do aggregate in the autumn and enter cosy buildings to hibernate. They'll probably stay there until the spring now, or at least until it warms up significantly. You sometimes get aggregations of thousands of them as they're preparing to hibernate, which can be quite impressive...

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I have the same problem where

I have the same problem where I live. It's fine until the heating and lighting goes on and they start flying round the lights and getting themselves squashed underfoot as you walk around the house.


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I too have experienced a

I too have experienced a large number of ladybirds coming through the bedroom window and they settle either behind the curtains or in a corner at the ceiling. They stay there till things warm up, but you can collect them up and throw them outside again!

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It's worth noting that rather than just throwing them out into the cold, they'll have a much better chance of surviving the winter if you can put them somewhere sheltered, like a garage, a garden shed, or even the loft (assuming they can get out easily enough). Plus otherwise they'll probably be straight back into the house if they can... ;o)