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Observed: 18th October 2013 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plants

On the wall by King's Cross station. This is the silvery grey one just above the centre.
Very tight clump not much more than 2mm tall. No obvious setae. Leaves with a small point and lots of bulbils, making the stems look quite tightly blobby when wet. Quite hard to make out much detail even at x20

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Bryum argenteum

Yes your silvery plant looks to be this species - nice to have it with bulbils which it dosent always have. The bright green moss with upright capsules would be Tortula muralis.

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Went to York Way Tues & collected some samples of Bryum arg from the old walls & stuck them under the microscope yesterday. Lovely to see the bulbils which I'd previously had no idea existed. Thanks for this!

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Makes me happy to know that I'm not the only person to enjoy the Kings Cross moss...

BTW, what sort of microscope do you have? I'm still a beginner with bryophytes, but realise that it might be useful at some point (and for other groups too). Ideally, I'm looking for an instrument that would enable me to easily grab images from it straight to my PC.

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Bryophyte tag

I am requesting that you add the tag Bryophyte as this will act as a further ID aid by virtue of attracting those who specialise in mosses, liverworts and hornworts. Thanks in advance,