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Communities and languages

I can see the merit in the new communities set-up ,but unfortunately ID help for sightings posted in Global have very little action.Bird sightings are better than invertebrates but only marginally.A selection of shots I posted from Greece recently have had no interaction at all ,although many species are also found in the UK ,so I am going to re-post them in the UK community ,to try and get some ID assistance.



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The problem you will have is that if you post them in the UK Community they still originate from Greece and will only therefore show up in the Global Community. As a result anyone in the UK Community will not see your postings unless they select Global.

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Yes and that is a major

Yes and that is a major setback because the European flora and fauna is similar and many UK recorders also visit Europe and like to share their observations. That is effectively impossible now.

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European postings

Unfortunately (at present anyway) the Communities addition has put those posting images from Europe and beyond outside of the UK and Chile at a disadvantage. So for those images from say Greece will not be seen by members unless they are logged into the Global Community.

I personally use the UK and Ireland Community 99% of the time but I must try to look globally more often.

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Until they fix it ...

... you can see all postings (Global, UK & Ireland, and Chile) from the Unread tab on the My Spot page.

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Two Suggestions for discussion

There must be many people like myself who holiday in Europe and I believe that the latest changes to iSpot have actually split the Communities rather than enhancing the website. The new Communities structure seems to dictate that wildlife changes immediately one steps foot in Calais, or wherever, but this is not the case and many of my postings have been plants seen in France that are common to the UK. We then have the ridiculous situation where the identification does not give the UK Common name unless one keeps swapping between Global and UK. It is apparent from other postings that the agreement for “foreign” postings has become very sparse and I think you have confirmed this Chris. ( In the past I have been very grateful to you for I.d’ing moths for me) However I can understand the reason when faced with one after another of postings from Chile which with the best will in the world are not likely to have many experts in the UK.
I would like to throw into this turmoil 2 suggestions that might help and would be interested to hear comments.
First is to abandon the new structure ( sorry programmers) and create new Communities based on where the observer is domiciled. This would have the effect of showing photos taken abroad to be seen by members of one’s own Community and would eliminate the conflict between Common names.
Secondly, because some people have earlier stated that they have no interest in “foreign” postings, is to limit the number of observations that can be downloaded in any 24 hour period thus spreading the load on the carousel.

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Holiday Observations

I agree with Geoff. In previous years I have posted observations from my holidays and had the pleasure of agreements or corrected IDs from people I regard as my iSpot colleagues. I am aware of a very few grumbles about foreign species but on the whole I enjoyed seeing others' holiday observations as well.
This year I was delighted to see a Mediterranean Monk Seal Monachus monachus whilst on holiday in Croatia, a new species for me but also a rare event for anyone. Because it has gone on the Global part of the site unless people view Global they will not see it.
I think Geoff's first idea of abandoning the new structure would be better, we live in a global world, where would an observation of an arctic tern be put by the new system? I will not bother putting my other observations from Croatia on iSpot although they are species which could be seen in the UK and I would appreciate help with IDs. I cannot be the only person who is disappointed by this change.

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