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Garden spider (added via Android)

Observed: 10th September 2013 By: Justmesteph
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spider in my mates garden. we call it a he lol. him and his web has dissapeared now, which is a shame.
be nice to have an id on it and any info.
thank you.

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Was seen a lot during the

Was seen a lot during the summer in my mates back garden. concrete (she has lots of plants and he was amonst them) it even caught a wasp (I have really good photo as proof) we seen him in the morning, went to saltwell park for a walk, came back and he had caught and wrapped up the wasp!!!! can't believe I missed the action!

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ID comment

Can you add any images of the upper side please ?

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All the pictures I have are

All the pictures I have are his underside. sorry.

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I believe the ID is correct and below is a link that will tell you more about the species.


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Garden spider.

This is a female garden spider. Female spiders are bigger than male spiders as they have more work to do. I have seen Araneus diadematus kill and wrap up Common Wasps.

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Brilliant, thank you Chris & Dennis. Nice to know more about it.