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Cotswold woodland fern

Observed: 18th October 2013 By: RHomanRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in Plants

A fern that seems to be growing from a creeping rhizome. Found in a beech wood on limestone in the Cotswolds and proving very difficult to key out!

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fern id

Is this of any use to you


I have problems with ferns too

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Sori ...

... (usually to be found on the underside of the fronds) are often helpful when identifying ferns.

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Re Sori

See 3rd picture.

Robert Homan

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Oops. Sorry.

I looked at that photograph, and still managed to miss the sori.

The location of the sori on the margins of the pinnules eliminates Athyrium and Dryopteris. Oreopteris has fronds narrowed at the base, and is tufted, so it's not that. This leaves, I think, Phegopteris and Gymnocarpium,

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Looks like it is Limestone

Looks like it is Limestone Fern, although from a local perspective in a slightly unusual setting as the main colonies in the Cotswolds are associated with old quarry workings. Pope's Wood is given as a site in the most recent county flora.

Robert Homan