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Shaded Case-bearer (Coleophora potentillae)

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Shaded Case-bearer (Coleophora potentillae)

Multiple small leaf mines on Dog Rose (Rosa canina). Leafminer (Coleophora potentillae) seems to be the most likely candidate ... unless I'm wrong and it's fungal damage.

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Possibly the result of

Possibly the result of Slugworm ( larvae of sawfly such as Caliroa cerasi. Some beetle larvae also cause 'windowing' as the effect is known. I don't think it's fungal damage.


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What about the underside?

If this is a Coleophora species then each of the pale patches should have a small hole where the larva has pushed its front parts in order to mine. The holes should be visible on the underside. If no holes then it is not a Coleophora. (The most likely Col. on rose is Coleophora gryphipennella)

Robert Homan

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I'd also say that the shapes are too irregular, and too consistently close to the main vein, for this to be Coleophora feeding signs - but I'm not sure what it is!

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