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Observed: 12th October 2013 By: Marian Sartin
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IMG_3148 Russula Mairei now nobilis Beechwood Sickener

No identification made yet.

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Sorry you have too many

Sorry you have too many different fungi in photos.
Please post individuals with as much information on each

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Yes marian, could you add

Yes marian, could you add these as separate observatoins as the system does not work well when there are several different species posted at once, I can see some quite interesting ones here.

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Yes these are definitely

Yes these are definitely worth posting separately. I've no idea what they are but just from a photographers point of view that yellow fungus on the grey bark is a beautiful shot!

Bob Ford

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Yellow Fungus

Thank you very much for your comment on the photograph, Bob Ford. The fungus has been identified as Golden Pholiota (Pholiota aurivella.)