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Eggs and jelly

Observed: 20th October 2013 By: womble
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Have seen this before on farmland but not sure what it is?


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identification suggestions welcome!

My husband is a farmer and has come across jelly and eggs like this a couple of times on our fields. Wondering if it has been dropped by a gull?

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Looks like some thing has

Looks like some thing has been dining on amphibian. Frog or Toad ova!?!


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Thank you! We had wondered if

Thank you! We had wondered if that was what it was! Just a bit strange to come across it with no other remains!

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Mark it up as mammal & you

Mark it up as mammal & you should pick-up other links & I.D.s


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I'm pretty sure it's a fungus. If it was on wood I would suspect Exidia nucleata (Crystal brain), which it certainly resembles. But as it is on grass, a slime-mould is more likely. The black 'berries' with it also suggest a slime mould as their reproductive stage is often quite different.

Or it's a fox that has been eating frogspawn with blackberries to follow.

Bob Ford