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Plain Golden Hoverfly (Callicera aurata)

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: Martin D. ParrMartin D. Parr’s reputation in InvertebratesMartin D. Parr’s reputation in Invertebrates
130808 Maple lodge 8307
130808 Maple lodge 8319
130808 Maple lodge 8334
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130808 Maple lodge 8344
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I believe, if my ID is correct that these hoverflies are quite rare.

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Thank you!!

Thank you so much Chris - and a big DOH from me! A hoverfly never even occurred to me! I have that species in my Stubbs and it does look very good for it! We have some mature poplars on the reserve, and some old apple trees, and one 400 year old Oak, so the habitat has potential possibly!

I am very grateful for your help with this one!

Kind regards, Martin

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Hi Martin ,it is good to see this specimen stuck around at Maple Lodge ,I saw it on the Teasel on August 7th ,but only managed a fleeting shot .You have captured it from all angles .

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Cheers Paul, it posed beautifully for me!
Your post came up automatically under mine when I added the name - that was how I found you on here.