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Insect query 2

Observed: 18th October 2013 By: Robert DurrantRobert Durrant’s reputation in Invertebrates
Insect query 2

This is apparently an insect, but it is on a colony of Star Ascidian found very low on the shore and under an overhang.
You will see it can't fly. There was a strong breeze off the land. It would have to have been carried many hundreds of metres across the shore by the wind, and then climbed up from where it landed close to the edge of the tide up under the overhang to get to this position.

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I agree

This ain't no Staph!

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Thanks, Joe

Thanks, Joe. Going on the only info I have to hand (Hayward & Ryland's Marine Fauna), both species can be found on lower shore. I dismissed Aepophilus bonnairei initially based on the diagram in HR p 476 Fig 9.6 H - wrong shape and proportions, and antennae have only 3 joints. However, since your comment I have found pic in that matches totally. Re antennae, I now see that although Micralymma marinum HR Fig 9.6 G matches my specimen very well in every other way the antennae figured have more and smaller joints. Can't find a photo of that one to compare. The more I look, the more confident I am that you are right; so thanks for that!

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Goodness, what an interesting find. And you are right Joe, plenty of evidence on the web.
And it's a good clear picture of Botryllus schlosseri.
I am the first to agree (Robert?)

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Coming back

Can you add the tag ProjectM1 please? This will put it in the UK marines project...