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Small insect

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small insect
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Emmelina monodactyla v E. argoteles

I thought the more curved wing profile was a pointer to Emmelina monodactyla but having looked at some images of E. argoteles (assuming they are actually of E. argoteles) it is difficult to tell. I think examination of the genitalia is the only guaranteed method.

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I think there are indicative things for splitting the two.

There is a significant overlap in size range but apparently the very largest are E. monodactyla. That is no help here as the wingspan is not given.

Strongly curved wing tips is another indicator of E. monodactyla, although it is not the case than any curvature rules of E. argoteles. I would not say this one looks heavily curved to me.

So dissection would be the way to go with this specimen.

David Howdon