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Observed: 20th October 2013 By: rose82rose82’s reputation in Invertebratesrose82’s reputation in Invertebrates

Underwater larva. The larva hides in a cone shaped case, 4 cm in size.

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Not all same animal?

The one up top left looks more like a Sericostomatidae - most likely a Sericostoma personatum if it's not very southern.

Though of this I can't be 100% sure, unless you can post more pics?

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Two caddis

I agree that the top left is likely to be Sericostoma personatum and the others Odontoerum albicorne. The two larvae are often found together and the cases are superficially similar, but S. personatum is much smoother. There are other differences too such as the colour of the larval head.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme