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Peacock Worm

Observed: 3rd October 2012 By: JackFBedfordJackFBedford’s reputation in InvertebratesJackFBedford’s reputation in Invertebrates

Tidal part of Helford river

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Jack, I think you are right. Can you give us a few notes? Say size and anything that will help me.

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I'm afraid I can't remember

I'm afraid I can't remember all that well (it was a year ago I took the photo) but I believe it was about 35-45mm long by tube, with the tentacles being a couple of mm's long, orangey in colour and I seem to remember regular orange spots along the tentacles

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Hi both, I have agreed with

Hi both, I have agreed with Jack's ID as there is nothing I know of or can find that this could be other than the peacock worm. The long thin mud tube that covers the body one circular crown of tentacles are key id features. There is a related species S. spallanzanii the feather duster worm which has many more tentacles that create a spiral.

Trudy Russell
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To find out about what's going on in the south west check out http://www.ispot.org.uk/forum/8409

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Thank you!

Thanks for the confirmation Trudy! :-)

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It's such a good photo (view the original), considering all the reflections and difficulties (I know about these things!) that it cannot be anything else. I meant to agree after my first comment.