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Fly fop ID please

Observed: 11th October 2013 By: DaveMDaveM’s reputation in Invertebrates

Is this a shed skin? Do flies shed there skins?


No identification made yet.

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Don't shed skins, but do go

Don't shed skins, but do go mouldy!

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It's probably caused by the

It's probably caused by the fungal infection Entomophthora muscae, which typically leaves the dead fly in this position.


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I assume this is one of those fungi that affects the behaviour of the fly by infiltrating the brain, and forcing it to attach itself to a high point, from which the spores can disperse more widely? It's amazing what parasites can get up to...

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Return of the zombie

Return of the zombie flies......

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Mmmm.... brainsss....

Thanks Steve - I'm now desperately trying not to imagine a plague of undead mozzies.