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Observed: 18th October 2013 By: Andrew Tolliday

I saw this picture in a bird calendar in W H Smiths. It claims it's a Yellow Hammer but I think it's a Yellow Wagtail?? What do you think??

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It is indeed a yellow

It is indeed a yellow wagtail.

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Another good game is spotting how many spelling mistakes I can make in one posting...


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Yellow wagtail.

If you look at Google images for the Yellow Hammer then you will find several pictures of Yellow Wagtails. How confusing for people who don't know!

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and newspapers...

I nearly choked some time ago when the local paper published an article on the new reserve at Radley, near Abingdon, and illustrated it with a photograph of a "Coot" - but an American Coot!

I presume a lot of the stock photos these people use are from the USA.

Alan Brampton (Benson)